About Morgan

aka the “Mawazo Shifter

Morgan D. Tuck (aka the “Mawazo Shifter”) is Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor that is the Owner/Chief Therapist at Mawazo Counseling & Consulting, LLC in Houston, TX. Morgan provides individual and group psychotherapy. Morgan specializes in working with adult clients who are experiencing issues stemming from parenting, career, grief, or life transitions. She also provides Counselor Supervision for LPC Interns/Associates, Consulting, and Coaching services. Her therapeutic approach is that of Cognitive Behavior, rooted from a holistic standpoint emphasizing caring for the mind-body-spirit collectively.

Morgan obtained a Bachelor of Art degree in Communications from Sam Houston State University, and a Master of Art degree in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University. Morgan is a National Board-Certified Counselor, Certified Parent Instructor, and Certified Career Counselor. She is an active member of the TX Counseling Association, and current board member of the TX College Counseling Association. In addition to her private practice work, Morgan also has extensive counseling experience in academic and clinical settings. Morgan is a Beaumont native, who enjoys music with her loving husband.

My Mission

“I believe I am here to help unique individuals help themselves become brave enough to evolve into the people they were meant to be. I utilize my gifts of communication, development, and relatability to positively impact the lives of my clients. I feel we all have the power to amaze ourselves and should strive to do so daily.”

- Morgan

“You must learn to master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

- Marianne Williamson

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